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For over 56 years we have assisted patent attorneys in finding positions with leading law firms and corporations throughout the United States. We have openings for patent attorneys in all technical arts. All placements are employer fee-paid. To discuss your career objectives, receive assistance with resume preparation and information on current and past openings, call, fax, or e-mail our offices.


Get Notified About Job Opening

We have counseled and guided many patent attorneys from the time that they were entry level or out of law school to the partner level or Chief Patent Counsel level. There are multiple firms and job-hunters who have paid us the biggest compliment by providing us with repeat business or referrals – including placing their own child decades after we’ve first placed them.


Recruiting: Your Competitive Advantage

What differentiates William K. McLaughlin Associates, Inc. from other recruiters is our deep knowledge of the patent profession and the long-term relationships with candidates and employersthat we have developed.
We know which Chief Patent Counsels and Partners get the best out of their people by being visionary as opposed to those that mute productivity due to uninspiring management. This information is helpful to employers when they are looking to hire the best Chief Patent Counsel to manage their department and to employees who value mentorship.

When it Comes to “Fit”, Few Things Are as Valuable as Clarity

For many firms, their biggest asset is their talent. This is especially true in the Intellectual Property field. What are you doing as an employer to identify, recruit, train, and retain professionals who, frankly, have other options? What information do you need as a prospective employee to determine which opportunity is best mated to your values and career?
For 56 years, WK McLaughlin has excelled at developing relationships, supporting DEI initiatives, and being at the intersection of communications and thought leadership by employers and employees. There are many reasons why we have been the industry sounding board and job whisperer. Let’s compare notes

What’s Better - Being Effective or Being Right

The law of diminishing returns informs us that benefits gained from something will represent a proportionally smaller gain as more is invested in it. In developing your firm’s internal Human Resources Department, at what point does it make sense to leverage the expertise of full-time recruiters so that your people can concentrate on other needs such as training, retention or propagating corporate culture? We’ve had good discussions with many firms about this and would love for you to be part of the conversation.

Recruitment Solutions for all

From freshly minted Law-School graduates up to seasoned practitioners looking to move with portable business, WK Mclaughlin is an option to be considered. We have worked with thousands of firms and tens of thousands of professionals. We’ve seen that the most successful legal professionals are blessed with aptitude, diligence, and intellectual curiosity. We’ve seen that the most stable firms are the ones better at identifying the needed diverse skill set and promoting shared values as reflected in their corporate culture. Among our value-add is sharing what we have seen to augment to your outlook.


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Since 1966,William K. McLaughlin Associates, Inc. has worked with hundreds of corporations and law firms.


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From resume guidelines to Bar Review Classes and everything in between.


Firm Mergers

Firm Mergers happen due to generational changes, personal moves, or market demands. Whatever the reason, we can help you and your portable business get matched to the right opportunity.